by Lovedrug

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The sun will shine upon you But not on all the others You are sugar sweet, so fine I'd like to eat Your apple's poison seed Will be the end of me ----- In the darkest den The coolest lion sends A message to my head It made me squirm, it said You were born to make me die ----- You are the final word, you are the pound another You are the cops that murder my support to love laws You are the persona, you are the broken arrow You are the hunt that shot into everything I do ----- Well and perfectly your soul will leave your body Now that I'm involved with pistols at noon And any moment soon you'll be so unhappy Because you will finally know that You were born to make me fight
Preacher Boy 03:22
You see, I have legs that need to grow I gave up everything What love?! here's the end of the wire A laughing party dies ----- Hello, I am the sun Now tell me it burns Hello, to everyone Tell me it burns Am I pushing the shine on Hello, I am the sun And baby it’s my turn ----- you say, I'm a bullet on my way to meet the china girl hey world, get me love or get me out my laughing angel shouts
Sand Castles 03:48
You hang around and walk as I take a drag From the cloud that I'm shaking Now I don't care how much I hurt today all my bones are breaking anyway ——— Learn to love the ways you are Beautiful, broken heart Some wounds leave no scars Like sand castles we are ——— I awake as I wait for you all alone and I'm thinking Now I don't care how much I hurt today all my bones are breaking anyway ——— Learn to burn the ways you are Falling down is dreaming hard Broken bones seem so flawed Like sand castles we are
Would you believe me if I told you That I'm surfacing for just one thieving moment To steal your heart Would you believe me if I told you That fairy tales come true When I'm with you ----- AND I'll free the one Who falls in love again ----- Come on and hold you like candy On a Friday after making love all year And now you're swimming down Where iron doors are open And there is too much fear too breathe ----- a girl, a boy, a hell, like thieves we are We’re all in love with stolen hearts and we all fall down and fall apart for love
If you want to come in You'll have to stretch my skin If you want to survive with those beautiful eyes You'll have to give in Zeus says "run, I wanna have some fun" Let my lightening abide At your cute little side and I will charm you ——— You got it wrong, this isn't right There's something beautiful That hasn't yet died You’re letting go, I’m clinging on I know that every misery needs company ——— So, who wants an enemy? Stand up and raise your hand Raise both now if you can Time flows like miracle sand Jesus Christ, I’m your man! No, hate's not the answer When love's on demand
Dancing, Oh we’re dancing on the borderlines of time Dancing, yes we’re dancing on the borderlines of time
Phantom 05:39
remember I told you in life and death we'd bury our secrets if they tear us apart but love means going this far even when the ending is the start ---------- When you dive into the ocean, I I will be the ghost by your side When you fall into the devil's tribe I will be the ghost by your side And when all of the angels collide I will be the ghost by your side They call me phantom, oh my I will be the ghost by your side ——— Remember your demons will surface and fight I will be a good phantom and keep on romancing This cold little devil's tribe And hold them away from every station crypt in the night While you are escaping into the light ——— I’m by your side
You left Tuesday and by Wednesday You were so alone Is this your nightmare man? Millions of punch drunks and The cannibal king is taking control —— If these are the black gates of hell Then I'm sorry for the life I've waisted so I forgot to fall in love —— Your crocodile tears Your manikin angel cage of fire Is killing me so Now I’m searching for life And if I were a betting man I’d remember your face And you’d reach out your hand
Doomsy 03:31
What's in your head boy You've gotta believe me somehow Who's in your head now I think you're crazy how You run and run and run around this world Looking for a reason why —— A pretty shoe, a dirty soul The future is unknown And God is lost somehow You think I'm crazy now I run and run around Tripping on my feet again But there’s no sound —— I just woke up again And messed up everything Now I’m losing once again I just woke up and then I lost it all again When will all of this end? ----- Turn it on, Turn it down Echoes in this house Feel all doomsy now Let the haunting inside I know where we’ll hide A room beneath the stairs In my broken heart
Dangerous 03:21
We are the salt of the earth Each correction makes us stronger Been happening since our birth We’ll absconder in our happiness, yeah Voyage up my river What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger I make the ghoulies go shiver full of tears this is happiness, yeah ----- This is dangerous Don’t hide your eyes You’ll endanger us This is dangerous Don’t hide your eyes You will anger us ----- We are the salt of the earth Unlike those suits with all their noises What’s hypocritical worth? Corporate cowards with no more choices
The Pool 03:54
Black scene leather kid, real lonely ameri-kid Shove off or move my mountain somewhere blue Like sinkholes filled with butterflies You nasty little shit Calm your bitter bears, please, thank you ——— You are following them You are following them Were you hoping to find something to shine You are following them You are following them But you are lifeless and fooled In the depths of the pool ——— Nice scene sweater girl, dream big til you own the world Climb-on and choose your outfits worry free Now, sweethearts need an alibi As much as they needju Calm your killer queen, please, thank you


This re-imagined take on concept album Everything Starts Where It Ends by Lovedrug acts as a beautiful farewell letter to all who have followed the band over the past 15 years.


released October 26, 2018

Written, Recorded & Produced by Michael Shepard


all rights reserved



Lovedrug Ohio

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