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Track Name: Confession
Before you settle in and I begin my confession
Remember the summer days, our lover phase
You were carrying our son
Na Na Na
Before we take a vow and allow this confession
Remember our past life, the hard life
We were dealt when we were young
Na Na Na
Do you feel it, holy water
Will you hear my confession
Do you hear it, holy daughter
Will you fear my confession
Track Name: Ocean
The future opened and let us in
Her waves are cold, our chances thin
A generation of gods and men
Have come and gone as we begin
I wanna be semi-gloss
Forever Yours, ever lost
I wanna be semi-gloss
Forever in your ocean
My haunted waters are hardly calm
The deadly wave will break at dawn
You carry mountains , you salt the sea
Your blind devotion is healing me
I feel it all semi-gloss
A funeral, send me off
I don’t care what the cost
I'm your ocean

I wanna be semi-gloss
Forever yours, ever lost
I don’t care what the cost
I will be your ocean
Track Name: King of the Mountain
Don’t sweat it
You’re just a kid without a clue
I used to be like you
Yeah, this is true

Don’t sweat it
When you’re sucking face in braces
Gett’n sticky down in places
That you never even knew
Hey kid, best of bad luck
Hard times teach you what’s up
It’s about time that down comes up
I am king of the mountain

Hey kid, don’t beat yourself up
Hard times get you worked up
It’s about time that down comes up
I am king of the mountain
Don’t sweat it
Get yourself back up the hill
What’s life without a thrill
What’s life for real

Don’t regret it
Dig your heals into the ground
When the avalanches sound
You won’t be falling
Track Name: Dark Rider
She plunged her hands into the ground
And gave us something
She pulled down water from the sky
To cool us down
And clear our eyes
Dark rider, drink my blood
Fill my ocean with your love
Dark rider, carry my soul
Tear my heart out
Return it all to gold
Dark rider there’s so much to be sold
And turned to nothing
I recommend you crack the sky
And let us drown
To clear our eyes
Don’t turn to gold
Don’t turn to gold, no
Don’t drink the blood
Don’t drink the blood for anyone

Down from the sky
Down from the sky, no
Don’t clear your eyes
Don’t clear your eyes for anyone

Don’t let it drown
Don’t let it drown, no
Don’t plunge your hands
Into the ground for anyone

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t close your eyes, no
Here comes the ride
Here comes the ride for anyone
Track Name: Get Over It
You’re sweet like candy in the rain
You melt my heart into a rainbow river of pain
So do you think you’ll come around
Or leave me stranded here like
Echoes in a ghost town
Lovers quarrel
Hell or high
Water isn’t what it takes sometimes
Let me get another bottle of wine
And g-g-g- get over it
No mind
I’m brainless so it seems sometimes
Let me find another shoe to shine
And g-g-g- get over it
I get lost when you say my name
A Mouth full of dice, you shake me up with all your mind games
What do you think of neon bound
Gun on my thigh under a black crushed
velvet prom gown
Lovers quarrel
Track Name: Novocain
There’s something bad in the water
Says the crow at your door
Do you mind if I come inside
I’m tired and sore

There is no feeling at the bottom
How fortunate so
You’ve been greedy with a four leaf clover
And it’s starting to show
Baby don’t worry
Baby don’t cry
I’ve got a cool surprise
Na, na, na, na, na, na, novocain
There’s buried pictures in your dreaming
Down memory lane
Like a nuclear fall out town
In a desert unnamed

Look there’s your house
Where Apollo laid at your door
And there’s your school
Where the water made way for the shore
Track Name: Love
An honest word completes the picture
Another heart will fan the flame
I feel so tired and out of focus
From the feelings that remain
Baby, don’t you feel the same?
Your love is leaving me out of breath
Your love is leaving me out of breath
I’m holding on to complication
A crying game that’s never fair
We’re pulling cords for an emotion
That is more than just a stare
Baby, don’t you feel alone and aware?
Your love is leaving me out of breath
Your love is leaving me out of breath
Soma, stars and the meaning of love
Coma, heartache, we’re bleeding love
You’re angry, a sonnet, the feeling of love
We both fell upon it, the spires of love
Track Name: Star Born
All stars, wake up
Pretty hair by the emerald sea

Cool breeze, warm skin
Arms wide as the tide rolls in

Look around, float around
All storms in the background

Star born, be brave
Ever wander if you might be home?
Lost in love
No pain, no cross
Be lost in an ocean with me

Lost in love
No shame, no cost
Be lost in an ocean with me
Star born, be brave
Go adrift on a summer wave

Nice dream, cool wind
Eyes closed as your life begins

Look around, float around
All storms in the background

Star born, be brave
Do you ever wonder what it’s like to stay...
Lost in an ocean with me
Lost in an ocean with me

Lost in an ocean, I’ve caught an emotion finally
Found a devotion, we echo far
You’re star born like me
Track Name: Cobra Strike
My baby almost started a war
When she climbed upon the pegs of your bike
You and I were never cool before
You better watch it, she’s a cobra strike
Get outta my circle
Get outta my sight
Get off of my playground
It’s a cobra strike

Get outta my tree house
Get off of my bike
Get your hands off my baby
It’s a cobra strike
Her love’s got me rattled and torn
Bleeding out right, sweat in the night
I’m addicted to her lethal touch
It’s a love sick electric bite
Track Name: My Neighborhood
Grass growing high, clouds in the sky
Not a drop of rain
Sway in the breeze, pineapple trees
On strawberry lane
Don’t look, don’t speak, don’t talk about
Anything at all
Lay back and dream, smooth like codeine
What a fine day

Don’t mind me as I might just float on away
Oh my God I just wanna feel good
Right at home in my neighborhood
Holy Lord I don’t want to see straight
All alone with my heavenly gate

By myself, never misunderstood
I am God in my neighborhood
Never once would I question my fate
I’m alone and I feel great
Smoking that fine sweet apple shine
Fanning my flame
Speak if I could, misunderstood
Why play that game
Don’t move, don’t cry, don’t care about
Anything at all
Lay back and dream smooth like codeine
Kiss me, you should
Track Name: S.I.C. (You Call Me)
These days I feel mistaken
No change
But there’s a voice inside of my head

It says that a hollow is coming
Descend, amen
Will you make everything beautiful
In the depths of only your heart
You call me
I’m saved, no more forsaken
Engaged, and it goes, and it goes, and it goes

Please stay, this puzzle is a shell shock
No friends, I’m spent
Will you make everything beautiful
S.I.C. S.I.C. I’m bored to death
S.I.C. S.I.C. There’s a hole in my head
S.I.C. S.I.C. I forgot your mess
S.I.C. S.I.C. All in all it’s beautiful
Track Name: Rewind
Life in a golden arcade
Black isn't white, they’re the same
Dance like a child in the sun
This life is a game and you've won
Rewind, relax, re-live my friend
Rewind, relax, re-live again
Rewind, relax, re-live oh yeah
Rewind, relax, re-live my friend
Bathe me in silver and sage
Stare at the sky through the rain
Now dance like a child on the shore
Our wealthiest riches are poor
A sand dollar bill will love you more

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