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    releases 04 September 2015

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Cult Kid
Ready or Not
Spinning Out of Control
The Danger Zone
Death Becomes Us


Fifth full length studio album by Lovedrug


releases 04 September 2015

Produced and Mixed by Michael Shepard



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Lovedrug Nashville, Tennessee


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Track Name: Vampire Spy Film
Broken rib, quarter mile
Red lips and a bruised neck, crooked smile
Will the walls fall away
While your'e floating down the hallway

Call me up, call me out
Vampire in a spy film, slinking around
Waiting for a better way
To put your eyes in the sunlight
It feels good to be bad, don’t lie

When you’re seeking my heart, oh
No fear, let it be strange
You sink your teeth in my heart, oh
Blood sucker, battle and rain
When I'm kissing the ground, oh
I know you’ll be coming around
To sink your teeth in my heart, oh
No fear, let be strange

Black flashes, dark stars
Eyes are rolling white
Do you know who you are?
All the fangs are hollowed out
To make room for the punch out

Call me up, I’m all alone
You know I sweat when you’re thumbing
With the core of my bones
Dial tone, it’s getting late
I feel spiritual, I can’t wait
It feels good to be bad, doesn’t it

Don’t feel mad if you’re harmed by the sun
Don’t be sad, after all, you’re immortal
and a little bored
Track Name: Ray Gun
I’m gonna take in a moment, then start it again
Will you warm my heart and remember when
I had to fall all apart before I knew how to mend
A broken heart that came and went

Is it too much to ask for
I’d pay for it all

My body is calling on a love that I never knew
Like a ray gun that calls out to you
My God, am I falling for a love that I never used
Like a ray gun that calls out for you

When the dream is around I am killing it live
Like a battle scar in the fire light
You’ll find me shaking the ground
In a thunder ride
Like we’re making love in the after life
Track Name: One of the Family
Wow, you seemed calm in your letter
Sticky bound, black in a bottle and waves
Crashing on shore like a managed
Cold hand, warm heart

You said I ran off with the money
Leaving you stranded, naked alone
Now there's blood on the dance floor honey,
No sir, no more

Hey officer, I’m clean
No way, it wasn’t me
I got no motive here
So help me so

There goes my honey girl
Sweetly she'll burn the world
Shrug shoulders, roll the eyes
And let it go

Baby, don’t you know that it’s a saturday night
So, let me drink your blood, like I’m one of the family
Baby, don’t you know that it’s a scavenger night
So, let me feel your gold like I’m one of the family

So I heard you say you want a code ring
If you were a ride I’d put a dime in your heart
You know we want the same things baby
Gold friends that glow in the dark

I don’t really care it’s your money
But then again I care for you honey
I remember when we were winning, we're
Bankrupt now and you won’t stop celebrating

There’s no reason to fear
We’re all lovers, sincere
Licking ourselves in the briar
That warm mouth prickly taste of the fire

Now everything’s clear
There's cold blood in the mirror
If you reach down far enough you’ll see
The devil’s inside all of us
Not just me